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If you are here, I assume you have already read What is NFT and why should you be interested?

I will cover specifically my NFT artwork topics on this page.

What's the difference between NFT and traditional art forms?

I made this table hope it's helpful.

Once I buy your NFT artworks, do I have the ultimate ownership to it?

Oui. And it's official because every transaction made on an NFT is recorded on the blockchain. While I still hold copyrights to it, like all art forms do, it is your property. You can also resell it if you wish.

Why should I buy NFT if anyone could just download the same exact file anyway?

The ownership is yours. Everyone else only has access to a "print" of the original. 

Why would I buy your NFT?

I ask the same question to myself.

I'm well into this, where do I buy your NFT artwork?

Thank you. Here or

Any other art form you create?

Oui. I am a full-time tattoo artist represented by Cain Tattoo Studio. I am working on my NFT tattoo designs, click here to learn more about it. I create tangible artworks. I create garments. I love experimenting. I try to cover most information about them on this website. 

I have more questions.

Oui. Get in touch anytime!

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