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If you are here, I assume you have already read What is NFT and why should you be interested?

I will cover specifically my NFT tattoo design topics on this page.

What is it, NFT tattoo design?

In short, it's a tattoo design in digital form.  In modern day tattooing, more and more artists create their tattoo designs on Ipads, drawing pads and computers. Once they are on the blockchain, it's available to purchase.

What's the point of it?

Normally, people come to their ideal tattoo artists to design specific pieces which soon will be put on their skin permanently. They pay whatever the "service" fee that the artist charges. This means you own the tattoo on your skin (or not, people nowadays are actually selling their own skins), the artist holds the copyright to the design. Yet it gets awkward when someone thinks your tattoo is cool then goes to get the same piece done. You might think it is obvious because the first person who gets it gets the original. But it's not, because there is no proof. There is little you can do other than throw a tantrum online. Now the situation would be solved easily if you claim ultimate ownership to the design itself (not the tattoo on your skin). Since NFT transactions are recorded on the blockchain, every soul who can access the internet can track who owns the original design.

On another note, a tattoo design, is an art piece itself. Artist and tattoo artist Scott Campbell put it really well here:"Tattooing is not an art form that is taken seriously in the same way painting or sculpture or other fine art is. A big reason to that is because, even if you’re among the best tattooers in the world, you’re still kind of a service industry, and the clients and the collectors who follow your work are mostly just getting bragging rights and an Instagram post. If I shifted the way I work and sell my tattoos as NFTs first with the option to get it tattooed, that simple mechanism kind of changes everything, because it shifts the value from the application process to the image itself. If I create artwork, I’m actually selling you that artwork and not just selling you hours in my chair. I think that idea that they’ll have a version of that artwork that is not vulnerable to sunburn and is truly archival is exciting. It gives them something more to take with them, and there is more of the pride of ownership of those digital assets. There’s a real tradeable secondary market value to them as well, I think. Even just a few years ago, one of my long-time clients passed away, and his sister reached out and was like ‘do you still have the drawings from any of his tattoos?’ She was going through photos trying to put together some sort of catalog of all the things he had tattooed on him, and I didn’t have them. In that scenario, if we had been doing [NFTs] back then, if I could’ve given my customers these unique archival digital versions of their tattoos, it’s such an amazing keepsake that they could pass on. I’m excited to implement that moving forward."

If I buy the design, do I still pay for the normal tattoo "service fee"?

It depends on the tattoo artist. If you are interested in my works, get in touch with me personally.

If a tattoo design I want to get is an NFT, do I have to buy it before I get it tattooed?

No. You just don't own the design itself. But you do own the tattoo tho. In other words, you can sell the tattoo with your skin, but you can't sell the design of the tattoo. 

What if the design is drawn on paper?

You can still buy it, and verify your ownership through official bodies. 

Can other people still get the design tattooed if I own it?

At the point, oui, but their tattoo is merely a "print" of your original.

Can I get a customised design just for me?

Oui. Get in touch with me.

Where do I buy your NFT tattoo designs?

Here or

I have more questions.

Oui. Get in touch anytime.

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