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Chronicle of X, Y, Z and some bigger things (still writing on both ends)

Headphones are some great invention after electricity. Same goes to red wine and ciggs. Lol.

You could die right now, and that’s the only thing we shall chant, over and over.



Some unmentionable tiny village city in southern China. Z popped out from Y’s vagina. Y’s mum refused to see her granddaughter since it was a girl baby.

UK handed over sovereignty of HongKong back to China after 100 years of rent since the Opium War.

X was very excited to be a father for the first time but his parents held the same thoughts as Y’s mum. A girl, she won’t be able to carry on the family name, and that, was all that mattered.

Anyway, the undisputed fact, Z is here, she popped out from Y’s vagina,. She was a baby then, she will have sex later. She is a female human, she has a vagina and she will use her mouth to give head. And Hongkong, was back to China on paper.


The shakes from post breakups of Yugoslavia.

America bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. America never did admit that it was on purpose tho, it was an “oops, it went the wrong way.💅” kinda political excuse.

X divorced Y, or the other way around. Z didn’t know jack shit, she was a 2-year-old. She only cried for breast milk when they were at court.

The rumour was, the world was supposed to blow up that year, everyone was kinda feeling the euphoria and depression it offered.

Y didn’t give any effort to fight for the guardianship, easy court case for the judge. No more breast milk for Z.


The big year. Everyone was still here. Big fucking joke, now that we had to look for something else to feel something.











Boom! Fireworks, hugs, kisses, laughs, tears, performances, drugs, sex, blackouts... and then, in the morning of the first day of 2000, absolute nothing.

Z was sick. She coughed for days. X carried her on his back to the hospital. The nurse that was lack of practice jabbed all over Z’s forehead and still couldn’t find the nerve that she was looking for. X kicked off, he slapped the nurse on her face and said “If my girl died tonight then so are you.” Writing this in 2022, X would be so ✨CANCELLED✨.

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